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Interior Splendour by Pierre-Yves Rochon - 3646 руб.

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Описание:Is there a signature Rochon style? At first, it is difficult to tell because the designer always adapts his work to the environment in which it unfolds, bringing out the locations unique spirit. A great traveler, he blends international styles, borrowing from both modern and classical influences. Hailed as a visionary designer and master of grand luxe by the Financial Times How To Spend It, Rochons most prestigious commissions include Four Seasons Hotelsin Paris, Florence, Washington, and Cairo, for example and restaurants for several Michelin-starred chefs. This monograph Rochons first reveals the designers trademark approach to interior splendor. For him, the quality of the object and the hand that made it is essential for creating a sumptuous interior. He devotes attention to every detail, from the architecture, to the furniture, the lighting, the fabrics, and art objects. Where he inserts a new structure into a space, such as a fireplace or a column, it feels like it has always been there. His interiors thus exude harmony and comfort, while retaining a strong sense of the locations culture, geography, and history. The genius of this designer lies in his ability to make each interior feel like a second home. From bedrooms to living rooms, and from bathrooms to spas, Pierre-Yves Rochon creates comfortable and intimate interiors that show us how we might create our own luxurious decors in our homes. The address book compiled by Rochon brings together the very best artisans with whom he has worked for many years: cabinet makers, bronze makers, lighting experts, upholsterers, and more.